Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Bogota Varsity Sports


    On Tuesday-11-May the Varsity ball clubs of Bogota played those from Emerson.
   The Lady Bucs Softball team traveled to Emerson to play the Lady Cavilers. Bogota wold score the first run of the game. The Lady Cavilers then took the lead with a 3 run first at bat. Emerson score at least one run in the four inning that were played. The Lady Bucs record is now 2-6.
  Bogota's Amber Vazquez and Ciara Feliz would hit Doubles.  Ms. Feliz and Joana Tineo each had 1 Run Batted In.  Emerson was led by Natalie Graham with 4 Runs batted In, she also threw  5 Strike Outs in a complete game win.  Ms. Graham along with Joya Mattera,and Tiffany Leuck all had Doubles. Amanda Sallemi hit a Triple.
   They next play on Thursday-13-May against Park Ridge This will take play at Lady Buc Field in Olsen Park. The first pitch is scheduled for 4:00p

  The Saddle Brook/ Bogota Baseball team  also traveled to Emerson to take the Cavilers. The Visitors took a 2-0 lead in the top of the second inning. The teams  kept each at bay and would give a run for the next four innings. Saddle Brook/ Bogota would add one more in the seventh inning. and finish the game with a 3-0  Saddle Brook/ Bogota now has a record of 8-2.
   Paul Figueroa had the only extra base hit of the game with a Double and a Run Batted In. Janiel Ortega also had an RBI. Jonathan Parra would have a Stolen Base.  John Hacker would be the pitch of record for the win. He threw 9 Strike Outs and gave up only 1 Hit in Five innings. Paul Figueroa  came one in relief for two innings and struck out 4 batters
   They next play on Thursday-13-May against Park Ridge This will take play at Feigel Field Baseball Diamond in Olsen Park. The first pitch is scheduled for 4:00p

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