Sunday, January 23, 2022

Bogota Borough Council

 23-January -2022
     On Thursday-20-January the Bogota Borough Council held their second meeting for the month of January.  After the public comment session the council had a discussion on the proposed Recreation Centre in Olsen Park. It was announced that 12 bids from contractors for the construction had been received. The lowest bid  was approximately $8.08 million, and most of the others were within the same price range. Council will not vote on which bid to accept until the financing  has been approved. The Borough was already approved a Bond  Ordinance of $4.6 million dollars pay for the the cost of this project. With the bids now on the record, the Borough asked for an increase of the Municipal bond ordinance which will allow for additional finance for the project. Other funding is coming from the Community Enhancement program for the Atwater development.  The council will introduce an ordinance to add an additional $600,000  to the current bond. It is needed that this cover possible change orders and the addinal cost of adding water lines to the site. 
   Then the council voted on the items on the Consent Agenda. All the resolution passed with the majority them by unanimous vote. Three were passed by a 4-2 vote and one passed by a 5-1 vote.  The resolutions of note were to hire the Borough Professional for the upcoming year.  Other items passed  were two ordinances that will be open for public discussion at the next council meeting on Thursday-3-February. This will included the ordinance to appropriate an additional sum for construction of the proposed Recreation Center.
   The next Bogota Borough Council meeting is scheduled for Thursday-3-February at 7:30p. 
This will be held online with log-in information to follow. For more information or to view the agenda please visit their website at:

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