Friday, June 26, 2015

BHS Class of 2015


    On Thursday 25-June the Class of 2015 became the 89th to Graduate from Bogota High School. 78 Seniors took  Centre Stage at Feigel Field to receive their Diplomas in front of Family and Friends.
   Salutatory Maria Van Tine took a moment to thank her Mother  for raising her & her Brother after the passing of her Father at a young age.  She used her Mother as an example of the importance of hard work and the support of Family in order to succeed. She then thanked her Family made up of the Class of 2015 and other Students of Bogota High School for their support as well.
   The Keynote speaker was Former Bergen County Sheriff Leo McGuire (BHS Class of 1977) also touch on the Family of High School by wearing his Brother Kelly's Basketball Championship Jacket. He talked about how  all of the Members of Bogota High School help his family after an serious injury to Kelly. Mr. McGuire went on to say that not all lessons are learned in the Classroom, but being apart of Bogota can help the Seniors to be ready for life.
  Valedictorian Ishra Glasswala used her address to remember actually being excited to enter the High School 6 years ago as a Seventh grade Student. She joked how that might have been one of the only times about being happy to come to school.  She went on to talk about if not for attending Bogota what opportunities she would have missed. Who  she would have never be able to becomes friends with, and learn how to grow as a person. She asked her fellow Seniors to remember the time they have spend together and use that to move into a future of their own choosing.
   After the diplomas were handed out. Many photos by Parents. The Singing of the Alma Mater. The Seniors finally celebrated  the fact they are now Graduates of Bogota High School.

Colm O'Hagan (L) Noemi Abundez, and Caleb Hughes
 singing the National Anthem 

Principal Linda Gattuso

Salutatory Maria Van Tine

The Concert Band under the Direction of Barry McCann.

Keynote Speaker  Leo McGuire (BHS '77) 

Valedictorian Ishra Glasswala
The Choir under the Direction of Wendy hughes.

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