Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bogota Beautiful.


    On Wednesday 17- June Bogota Beautiful held their monthly Board Meeting.  Among the new business brought up for discussion was an update on their Storefront Gallery. A number of business on W.Main St. have opened their windows facing the street to display paintings and drawing for local artist. Some of the stores participating in this program are Santa Fe Wines, Angelina's  Cleaners and  Diazo Convenience Store.  They are planning to expand this  project to the Bogota Public Library, and will welcome any other business in Bogota such as those on  E. Main St, Palisades Ave or Queen Anne Rd who would like to join. Any business, or local area artist wishing to particapate in this program should visit their website at: or email them at:

  They are moving forward on a project is called " Give a Garden"  this would be a chance for Bogota Resident who would like to have a garden on their property to have Bogota Beautiful assist and advise them in setting one up. Bogota Beautiful member Joe Gallagher is currently planting a prototype in order to determine a scheduled, planning, and cost of a small raised garden bed.  Bogota Beautiful would provide a list of materials needed, along with estimated cost to the resident. Bogota Beautiful would then arrange to have a volunteer, or two, oversee the beginning stages of  starting a garden. Volunteers would also be available to offer assistance during the planting , growing, and in case of a Vegetable garden harvesting. They are planning to begin offer these garden in the Spring of 2016. Anyone who would be interesting in having a garden, or volunteering to help residents set-up their own garden should  email them at:

Photos courtesy of Isabel Bustamante 

  Two other beautification project they are interested is first  to landscape, and add a public bench at the Southeast corner of W. Main St. & Larch Ave. They have obtained a bench from the Borough of Bogota, and will have the Bogota DPW install the bench. What Bogota Beautiful is volunteering to do is to clean-up and remove old  plants from this location and prepare the site for the new bench.
   Another project is to add a Community garden near the WWI Memorial  at W. Ft. Lee Rd and River Rd. They are looking to have flower gardens to add to the look of the Memorial to be planted by resident who do not have the space for a garden of their own. This is in the planning phase and they are looking for anyone with a background in Landscape Architecture, and/ or planning of Public Spaces to assist them with this project.  If anyone is interested in Volunteer to help with either of these project should contact them at:

   The final item on their agenda was confirming times and date for their " Yoga in the Park" series starting on  Saturday 11-July. This will happen every Saturday for the next eight weeks in July & August. All sessions will start at 9:00a and last one hour.  The will all take place in Olsen Park in Bogota, NJ with the meeting place to be at the Bandshell  in Olsen Park.  The number of participants will determine if the Yoga takes place in the Bandshell, or the lawn in front of the Bandshell. Participant must bring their own equipment such as mats, towels, and water. This will be a free event open to people of all ages, and is interested in starting a weekend morning with exercise. For more information on this or any other Bogota Beautiful project should visit their website at:
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