Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer Reading

    The Bogota Public Library began their Summer reading program: " Every Hero has a Story"  The young readers were invited to the Library to sign-up for the program at the Library and then proceeded to go through Superhero Academy. They had a chance to make their own Mask, Capes and to create their own personal Super Hero shield. Then they were invited to go through Superhero Training.  They built up their muscles with pushups then used them to smash through wall. And in true Superhero fashion go to rebuild that wall their own way.  They tested out their Super breath to repel the " Bad Guys" and then  went on to save the  stuff animal citizens from a lava surrounded island.  To reward them for their heroic day they were read stories about other young Superhero's adventures. 
   For learn more about  about this and other Library programs please contact at: 201-488-7185 or visit their website at :

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