Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bucstock 2015


   On Sunday 14-June the Bogota Band Parents Organization hosted their first Bucstock Festival. This was an event to showcase local Musicians, Artist , and Restaurants from around Bogota. Some of the Artist including Bogota School Teachers Heidi Longo and Robert Calleja  along with  Lewis Marx Pottery. The performing ranged from soloist Alexandra Taveras and Performance Artist the Indigo Twins. The bands included the Saddle Brook School of Rock, and Owen Mack and the Immaculate which is made up of former Bogota High Students. 
    The Festival was schedule on this day to add to the local culture of Bogota by having it the day after Bogota Day 2015.  The hope was to have an entire weekend of showing off the variety of culture in Bogota. Organizer  Band Parents President Chris Enriquez  was disappointed in the limited turn out and will try to increase the popularity of the Festival for next year. What was missed was a soulful opening performance by Ms. Taveras who donated her skills in order to help young Musicians  have an opportunity to learn and grow. The next act was from the Saddle Brook School of Rock who gave a high energy performance by showing off how Students can become profession talents with the guidance of a good education in the Arts. The third act was a dance & musical performance by the Indiggo Twins exploring the inner emotions  Human beings by accepting all the feelings that people have inside them.
  The  Festival was headlined by Owen Mack and the Immaculates, this is a band made up of Owen McCloskey and Bogota High School Alumni Andre Broomes & Dominick  Calabrese. They were greeted by a loyal group of  former Classmates looking to support their fellow Musicians. The Immaculates performed some covers along with a number of original songs. The Trio used their Hometown advantage by given a spirited and extra long set to show appreciations for the Music fans who took the time to attend the Festival. 
  Processes from Bucstock is going to help support the Bogota High School Music Dept. Along with contributions to Habit for Humanity in honour  of High School Supporter Michael Granquist. 
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