Thursday, June 11, 2015

Arts Award Dinner

  On Tuesday 9- June the Fine Arts of Bogota High School held their awards dinner. This was a time to remember the shows, performances , and competitions  that members of the Twirlers,  Band, Drama Club. and Choir were apart of during this school year. There were two special presentation made as the evening moved on.The Drama Club welcomed four new members to the  Bogota Chapter # 6085 of the International Thespian Society  Robert Heck, Catherine Petrucci,  Nia Abuzid, and Sydney Mazzella were all admitted to the ITS.
   Mr. McCann also announced that again this year there will be co-Drum Majors for the Marching Buccaneers Band. The will be Katherine Fafara and Samantha Cintron. For the first time Current Band Majors Maria van Tine and Robert Heck present their  successors their own whistles to begin their term at Drum Majors for 2015-16.



Drama Club

  Oath taken by the new members of the  Bogota Chapter # 6085 of the International Thespian Society 


Passing of the whistles to the co-Drum Majors for 2015-16

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