Monday, June 29, 2015

Paper Shredding


    On Saturday 27-June the Borough of Bogota through the Bergen County Utilities  Authority  hosted a paper shredding event. This took place in the parking lot of the Bogota Recreation Center.  Approximately over 2000 lbs of paper was collected that morning. Residents were able to drive in, with Volunteer help from the Bogota Dept. of Public Works,  and have all of their sensitive & business document disposed of  securely.  Items were placed in a bin, then lifted into the shredding truck parked there.  The contents were then placed into the shredding machine to be cut into small strips. A small monitor would allow anyone to view the paper coming out as just strips of paper. The strips are then formed into bales in the back of the truck. The truck itself is locked and secured until it returns to the recycling plant. After the truck is unloaded the bales are then processed into paper slurry which is then sold to paper mills which then can be turn into bath & facial tissues. Many companies are now producing tissues products that are comprised of 100% recycled material.  The advantage of this is less solid waste needed to go into landfills and more trees allowed to remain growing.

Steve Vogt helping unload paper from cars.

Edgar Cando (L) & Steve Vogt loading paper to be shredded.

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