Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Parents Orientation.


    The Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy has announced the 56 recruits to become Cadets for Class 05. The dates have also been set for the mandatory  Parent ( or Guardian) orientation meetings. The first meeting is scheduled for Saturday 13-June and will start at 10:00a. The second meeting will be on Tuesday 16-June starting at 7:00p. Both meeting will be held in the Bogota High School Auditorium. It is required to attend one of these meeting. If the Parent ( or Guardian) is unable to attend either of these meetings the Student will not be able to join Class 05. This is an Adults only meeting,  the recruits, or any other Student is not permitted to attend. 
   During these  meetings  Director Sgt Lynch and Coordinator Anna Ferris will explain what type of Family support is needed for the Cadets of Class 05. They will  also explain what type of training, and activities  Class 05 will be participating in.  They will also talk about when a duty day starts, and what should happen at the end of the day. Ms. Ferris will talk about care of the Cadets uniforms, and what type of food should to sent with the Cadet. Sgt Lynch will talk about the philosophy of the Academy and how the Cadets will be treated while at the Academy. In passed Orientation Meetings  a number of Instructors have attended and are made available  to answers questions. 
   Also at the  Orientation Meetings  payment of the entrance fee of $75 is due in full. Please make checks payable to:  FOP Lodge 161 - Youth Academy  A completed list of the recruits Class 05 is available at; .  Any questions can also be set to:  
   The Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy will take place starting Thursday 16- July with an assessment day  through Graduation on Tuesday 28- July. 

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