Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Head Coach Kevin Bayani

3- June-2015

     On Monday 1- June at the Michael Granquist Awards Dinner new Bogota Football Bucs Head Coach Kevin Bayani  performed his first public duty as Head Coach in announcing the  letter winners from this past school year. Mr. Bayani  was named to the top position this past May succeeding Coach Nick DeStefano, which  he had served under as an assistant for several seasons.  Mr. Bayani is a Alumni of Bogota High School having graduated in 2005. His College career was at Lehigh University  graduating in 2009. He is currently an Investment Advisor at New Horizon Financial Corp. in Bogota. Coach Bayani has also assisted coaching for the Bogota  Bucs Wrestling Squad and Track team.
   Coach Bayani agreed to answer question from Bogota Blog NJ  about becoming the new Head Football Coach at his Hometown High School;

   -What are your feeling and worries about being the New Football Coach for the High School you graduated from.

I’m excited for the opportunity. Having graduated from here I have a better sense of how things work. There is also an added pride factor.

- Will there be a big change in philosophy in the type of game the team will play.

As far as a philosophy, I’ve always tried to preach hard work, discipline, to compete in everything we do. That will not change.  Different schemes in both Offense and Defense may be seen.

- You assisted Coach DeStefano  in past seasons, what have you learned from him that can be applied to this year team.

You have to work harder than anyone else, and surround yourself with people willing to do the same.

-You have a second year Quarterback who can run, and throw the football with equally strengths.  It this something you can build an offense around, and can it be learned by September to be game ready.

There are several key positions to our Offense. Having an experienced Quarterback always helps.  It’s going to take hard work and focus, but we will be ready by September.

-A Head Coach needs to have Defense and Offense work together as one team, however is there one side of the line that can benefit from a new coach, and what needs to improve on Offense, Defense , and Special teams.

We need to improve in all aspects of our team. I  I think having a new staff with fresh minds, different styles, and who share a common vision will help our team.

-Bogota being a small school, injuries and fatigue  have been a problem late in the pass few season. What can be done to lessen the effect of normal wear and tear on a High  School Football Player.

Off season training plays a huge part in making sure our Athletes are physically prepared for a long season. What is even better is to be able to get Players to fill roles and step up in big spots.

- What is the best, and worse  part of playing at Fiegel Field, and does the new field house  help in a noticeable way to the play on the field.

The best part of Fiegel Field is the Gameday atmosphere. When the whole town is involved, and stands are packed. The only thing better than a Saturday Afternoon at Fiegel Field is a Friday night at Fiegel Field.
- Was this the first time you have applied for the Head Coaching position in Bogota, if so what influenced your decision to apply this year.

This was the first time, I’ve always had an idea in the back of my mind. I suppose it was just timing

- How will working with the Junior Varsity team last year help you this year, and  how can the J.V. teams and the Junior Football clubs be use to help develop and improve the Varsity team. 

The success of our Varsity team stems from the  Junior ( Rec) football programs. We need a greater participation from the Student Athletes, along with their Families, at all levels for our program to thrive. 

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