Sunday, June 7, 2015

Football Car Wash


    Members of the Bogota Football Bucs took part in a Car Wash in front of the W. Broad St. Firehouse on Sat. 6-June.  The Players and some of their Parents took turns , soaping, scrubbing, rinsing ,  and drying  cars in such an orderly way that a number of times six vehicles were being serviced at once. A steady stream of customers kept the crews in constant motion. The processes from this event will go to help the Football Parents with their support of the team. The Parents in past seasons have served pre-game meals to the team, awards at the end of the season to help build the Community spirit that is appreciated by the Players and Coaches.  Another use of money raised by the Football parents is used to offset the cost of some of the camps players participate in during the Summer. Events like this also help the players work together as whole units, and show how much can be accomplished with teamwork.

 Cheerleaders Ariana Olivo (L) & Caitlynn Alvarez 

Wilson Richardson (L), Simon Cardona & James Brackett.

Jevon Stephenson (L) & Michael Martinez

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James Brackett (L) & Brennen Rodgers

The Bogota Football Bucs take a break.

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