Saturday, June 20, 2015

School Awards

    On Monday 15- June the Bogota High School  held their Academic Awards night.  This event was to honour the Students of Bogota High School for the school year of 2014-15. Also during this evening a number of scholarships were awarded to a number of Graduating Seniors from the Class of 2015. New Jersey Assemblywoman Valerie Huttle present Citations on behalf of the State of New Jersey and Bergen, County.
   Awards were also given out  for Academic achievement for each of the Departments that are part of the curriculum  of the High School. Awards and Scholarships for those Student Athletes to the members of the High Sports team that achieved recognition on a County level.
   At the end of the ceremony the two high awards were given out. The first was the Principal's Award for Service was presented to Maria Van Tine. Then Valedictorian  for the Class of 2015 Ishra Glasswala was awarded the Henry Luthin Scholarship for 2015.
   Bogota Blog NJ would like to congratulate  all of the Students of Bogota High School for their work in Academic, and in the Community of Bogota.

   On Thursday 18- June the Bogota Board of Education recognised the Teachers of the Year from their three schools.  High School Teacher Steven Kordosky, Bixby Teacher  Alison Rogers, and Steen Teacher Theresa Ciccone were given their  award.   Also honoured were Michelle Penchinar and retiring Principal  Dr. Robert Watts for their service to the Students of Bogota.
   Bogota Blog NJ would like to congratulate  and thank all of these Educators for their work with the Students of Bogota School District

From the Academic Awards Night.

From the Board of Education Meeting 

photo courtesy Doreen Lechuga 

photo courtesy Doreen Lechuga 

Bogota Blog NJ would like to thank Doreen Lechuga  for the photos
 from the Board of Education meeting 

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