Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Awards Dinner


   On Monday 1-June  the Bogota High School Athletic Dept host the first Michael Granquist Sports Award Dinner.  The was named for Mr. Granquist this year after his passing earlier this year. He was a contributing presence in the revival of the Awards dinner  in the past several years. He was remembered by Karen Rodgers for his work in supporting and organizing the awards dinner. Athletic Director Brad DiRupo  also acknowledged  the effort Mr. Granquist did for sports in general at Bogota High School.  Both speakers were honoured to name this dinner for Michael Granquist.
   This was a time to highlight and recognise the effort and work of all the Student Athletes of Bogota High School had done for the past year. I was also a time to thank the  Families of those Students for the dedication and devotion  for helping their Children grow, learn and a positive part of the Community of Bogota.
   Bogota Blog NJ would like to take this time to congratulate the  Student Athletes of Bogota High School on their successes. Bogota Blog NJ would like to thank the  Bogota Board of Education for allowing access in cover the all the events during the school. An additional thanks to the Coaches, Faculty,  and Parents for their assistance over the past school year.

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