Saturday, June 13, 2015

Week of the Arts

    On Friday 12-June the  Steen & Bixby schools in Bogota finished their Week of the Arts programs. This is five days set aside during the school year to expose the Students to diverse cultural experiences. Some of the events include musical & dance performances along with shows & projects which allowed the Student to use their imagination to express themselves.  The week was capped off with members of the Bogota High School  Fine Arts Dept. performing for the Students live.  Some of the cast of the Spring Musical Shrek performed a few scenes  from the show.  This was followed by the La-De-Da's demonstration the different vocal ranges of the Human voice. They are the High School Women Barbershop Choir singing a capella. After that the High Jazz Band introduced  the different types of instruments they use and various songs featuring those sounds. Finally the jazz Band played different dance songs and the Actors invited the Students to join them to dance.

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