Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Blessing of the Animals


   On Sunday 8-October the Trinity Lutheran Church in Bogota held their annual blessing of the animal service. Pastor  Peter Olsen's sermon talked about the love and joy that animals can give to Humans.  He also said that one of Humanity's greatest duties is to use the Earth in a way that it can be shared with all the living creatures that inhabit it.  Then the parishioners  brought forward the animals to be blessed. The first were some children's stuff pets. This allows the younger members to learn on how to take care of something special to them, and the importance of learning responsibilities.  After that, there was mostly dogs of different size & colour along with one lizard that were blessed.  Pastor Peter Olsen's continued on  how family pets can hold a special bond with their Humans, and how interconnected the all living things are to each other. 

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