Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Bogota Soccer Bucs

11-October 2017
    On Tuesday-10-October the Bogota Men's Soccer Bucs played the Midland Park Panthers in Olsen Park.  The game was scoreless for most of the first half until Midland Park was able to sneak a loose ball over the goal line for a 1-0 lead. This stood up into half time. After the restart Bogota  pressure the Panther goal finally tying the game at one apiece with a Jhonan Garcia  shot from inside the penalty area. Midland Park would again take a one goal, but  Bogota would continue attack the Panthers goal. Late in the second half Colin McDonnell would take a free kick from the top of the box. Mr. McDonnell would bend the kick around  the left side of the defensive wall and into the back of the net.  After Full Time the game will be a 2-2 tie. 
   During the first half of Extra Time Bogota would keep pushing forward looking for a Golden Goal to end the game.  Midland Park would also push their counter attack, and they would also be denied a winning score. In the final seconds of the first extra time the Bucs would be awarded a corner kick, but play was stopped for the end of the first extra half. 
  The second half of Extra Time again saw the two teams trading chances. Then a loose ball in front of the Bucs goal would dribble over the line as Bogota had committed an own goal in a 2-3 loss to Midland Park. 
  Bogota's record is now 0-12, they next play on Monday-16-October against Emerson at Olsen Park. Kick-off is scheduled for 4:00p.

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