Friday, October 20, 2017

Car Care

20-October -2017
   On Thursday the Bogota Public Library hosted a car care clinic to help understand how to better maintain a vehicle. This was presented by Suzzette Phillips of Bovan's Auto Services of Cliffside Park. Ms. Phillips first explain about what the most common problems that could develop with a car. She talked about what can occur with worn out brake pads, old wipers, dirty oil and filters. Some of these items can be solved by the vehicle's driver.  Other will need to be fix by a trained mechanic. She gave explains of what the light on the dashboard will indicate. The check tire pressure, or check oil lights are a few things that can be quickly and easily. The more detail warning again need to be looked at by professionals..
  In looking for a mechanic Ms. Phillips said that simple steps should be followed. If the workshop is clean and organized, that is a place that takes pride in their work. Other good sign is if the mechanic will talk to the customer and take the time to explain the problems. Also they will give an estimate price before the work is started. 
  She then allowed those in attendance to look at some old parts and ask questions for themselves.

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