Saturday, October 21, 2017

Bogota Bucs Football

   On Saturday-21-October the Bogota Football Bucs hosted  the Panthers from Wallington. In the first quarter both teams traded turnovers with Bogota recovering to stop a Panthers drive. And Wallington intercepted a Bogota passing play.  Wallington was able to convert their reporting to score the first town down of the game and converted the two point try to put Bogota behind 0-8 at  the end of the first quarter. In the second quater interception by Ashanti Caviness and Andrew Miller stopped Wallington drives. The Bucs would take advantage of the second turnover and moved the ball down down the field. Thus drive was highlighted by a 44 yard touchdown pass from Mr. Miller to Franck Petraccia. On the ensuing kick-off Bogtoa would recover the on-side kick and finish the drive with a 1 yard  dive by Andrew Miller to put Bogot ahead 14- 8 after the extra point by Carlos Garcia.  The Panthers would then lose a fumble on the kick-off return. This allowed Mr. Miller and Mr. Petraccia to combined for a 20 yard Touchdown pass. With the extra kick Bogota would take a 21-8 lead into halftime.
   After the restart Bogota would recover another Wallington fumble, but could not put points on the board.  This allowed the Panthers to score the next two major score. When the second extra point was stopped by the Bogota defense the score was tied at 21 after three quarter time.Mr. Miller and Mr. Petraccia would again score this time on a 35 yard play, with Mr Garcia's, and a 28-21 led. The Bogota defense could not hold Wallington at bay and suffer a 28-37 loss. Bogota's record is now 0-6. They next play Palisades Park/ Leonia on Saturday-28- October. This will take place at Fiegel Field with the kick-off schedule for 1:00p. This will also be the Senior Game when the Senior players, Cheerleaders, Band Members, Colour guard and twirlers will be recognized for their time at Bogota High School.

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