Monday, October 9, 2017

Survivors Art


  On Saturday-7-October the Bogota Public Library hosted the opening of their gallery show presented by The Center for Hope and Safety, formerly Shelter Our Sisters.  The title of the exhibition was " The Art of Survival".  This displayed a number of works created by survivors of domestic violence. These works of art are used as part of Expression Therapy to aid in the transition away from an unhealthy situation to a more safer condition. Most of the works were painting,  and there was also a selection of decorated shoes and writing which allowed the survivors to open up about the condition they were in.  Children's Director Marta Levy explained the actually art was a portion of the treatment offer at The Center for Hope and Safety. The main purpose of the art workshop, or other programs offer such as dance, and exercise classes, was to bring survivors together in a comfortable, and secure setting. This lets those attending share their feelings, stories, suffering, and rebirth with other going through a similar situation. This let the survivors know they are not alone, and have a support system to aid in their  effort to improve their life. 
   While some of the artist attended the Library show, a few regular Library customers can into the gallery for a look. Once they were told of the reason for the artwork many took a moment to talk to Ms. Levy and the artist themselves about their experiences. Like the art classes themselves the conversation focused more on the suggle of the survivors then the art they created.
    The Center for Hope and Safety will be hold a benefit walk to raise awareness, and funds to assists those victims of domestic violence. This will take place in Van Saun Park in Paramus, NJ. The walk will start at 10:00a and will run to 12:00 noon. There will be music and dancing at the conclusion of the walk. This is open to anyone as an Individual, team, or Sponsor.  For more information please visit their website at:

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