Thursday, October 5, 2017

Radwa Ali

 An open letter from Radwa Ali

Dear friends and neighbors, 
I regret to inform you that last week I resigned my position as Director of the Bogota Public Library, effective November 2, 2017 to take the leadership position at the Roxbury Public Library. This decision was not without difficulty, but ultimately it is the right one for my family and me. 
I want to thank you all for the kindness you've shown me. Three years ago, the library Board of Trustees entrusted this tiny but mighty library to a young first-time director with little managerial experience but big dreams. In that time, the library team has completed a renovation, rebooted programming, refreshed the collection, and gave the library a louder voice in the community. Most importantly, I believe we've succeeded in reminding the people of Bogota that their local library is a source of pride and joy.
It has been a privilege working with the library staff, the Board of Trustees, the Bogota Borough administration, the Mayor and Council, Friends, and above all, YOU, the Bogota community. Never forget that the public library exists to serve you. The public library is the best example of a truly democratic institution and I hope you will continue to entrust it and that it continues to be worthy of your trust. I have no doubt that the Bogota Library team of staff, volunteers and trustees will continue to serve you with distinction.
The library board is in full swing in its search for the next director. I will be working hard in the coming weeks to ensure a smooth transition. I will miss this wonderful town and all of you very much.

Radwa Ali
Director of the Bogota Public Library

  In her time as Library Director she has transfort the Bogota Library from a static  collection of books, into a vibrant community centre.  She  saw a library as a home to learning , exploring, meeting, and most of all reading.  A few of Ms. Ali accomplishment  has been a physical transformant of the reading room. A Teen Study area, Art Gallery, and updated equipment has allowed the Library to become a more welcoming space. She has started programs to attract more users to the Library from A Markers Day to allow young Students to have a chance to be creative learn what they can do. To Adult program like the Smartpants Series to feature the opportunity to continue learning for all age groups.
  Radwa will however be most remembered, and appreciated for the creation of the Nikki Speigel Childrens Corner. Ms. Ali spearheaded this project to honour the life of Children's Director Nikki Speigel. This has become a main focal point in the library to promote  a community space for everyone to have a chance to relax and just read. 

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