Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Board Of Education

   On Tuesday-17-October the Bogota Board of Education held their regular meeting.  This was the only one in October due to the previous weeks planned meeting being canceled due to a lack of a quorum attainable. In his opening comments Superintendent Dr. Vincent Varcadipane gave a report on the hearings involving Violence and Vandalism. While no major incidents occurred, there was a minor police presented needed and others were settled with the appropriate discipline prescribed.  He then talked about how the plans of  the front of the High School project was able to be place on the agenda of the next planning board meeting.  Superintendent Varcadipane said that he has been asking since  6-October to appear before the Planning Board   in order to present these plans as a courtesy to the Planning Board in order to keep the Borough Government  informed on the project. It was finally agreed to add the presentation to the next meetings agenda.
   He also talked about his continuing frustration with the lack of progress on obtaining approval of the emergency generator for the High School.  Superintendent Varcadipane  question the need for fixed bollards near the generator saying that they would be an unnecessary additional cost due to the fact any such item will need to be remove for the reconstruction of the planned front driveway.
   Superintendent Varcadipane then gave a recap on the district's PARCC score from last year. In the District group Bogota is apart of  they place first out of 52 other districts in both Grades 11 & 10. And in the top ten in Grade 9 and Grade 7.  Both Bixby and Steen schools place well about the State average in both Math and Language Arts. he then took the time to thank the teachers in attendance for their work in allowing the Student with this achievement.  He also discussed some budget items with showed how the Board of Education will have a budget surplus due to the fully finding the improvement project from the Summer , and those continuing at Bixby this year. He also mention a saving in the Bixby pre-school program since keeping the cost within the District instead of using Bergen County  services. 
   The only agenda item that was not approved was the cost of a new divider for Speary Gym. This was table for further study.
 When the meeting was opened to public discussion. The teachers thanked the Board for the agreement on a new Three year contract. One Parent spoke asking how the pedestrian flow of Students will be affected by the new parking lot for the High School. She was told it will allow Students walking north from Main Street will have a new sidewalk along the south side of the new parking spaces. While the existing sidewalk along Luthin Pl. will stay the same. She also asked when the windows at Bixby are to be replace will they be able to used if air conditioner units are ever purchased. One additional question is whether  or not the Primary Election day will also become a off day for the Students since two of the schools are use for polling.
     The next will be held on Tuesday-14-November. This will take place in the Bogota High School  Cafeteria starting at 7:00p. This is open to the public. The Cafeteria is located on the second floor at 2 Henry Luthin Pl. Bogota, NJ
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