Sunday, May 5, 2019

Earth Day Clean-up

 On Saturday-2019 Bogota Beautiful hosted its annual Earth Day Clean-up.  For this year’s event Bogota Beautiful is partnering with the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation ( NNJCF)  and its ArtsBergen group to create  a fence weaving  installation along the Little League field in Olsen Park.  
  The event started with Bogota Beautiful's Chairperson  Amaru Bustamante welcoming everyone whos was there to volunteer their time.   Maureen Vanacore from the NNJCF  then spoke to thank everyone in attendance and explain about the Fence Weaving project. After a quick greeting teams were assigned different area to work on. The projects this year were to clean and freshen the planters on W. Main St. Clean around the World War I Memorial, replant trees at the West Shore Rd. Tree City sign. Scrub and re-secure the  planks making up the Bogota Environmental Walkway in Olsen Park . And the Fence weaving at the Little League field.  On W.Main St Honor Students from Bogota High School removed litter from the sidewalks, including items throw into the bushes. Remove some of the small trees from the planters and ad new vegetation and fresh mulch to the pots. The trees that were removed were recycled to be use as part of a fresh landscape  near the sign. members of the Bogota  Rescue squad lead the team that worked on the Environmental Walkway. One group scrub off the build up form over the years. While another went ahead to renail, or replace  the fasteners to the planking.  The fourth group cleared the debris around the  World War I Memorial and Community Garden  and added fresh ground cover around the plants. Most everyone else worked on weaving the "Path of Us" to the fence. Some individual plates  make up the art project, including  one to signify Bogota's 125 Anniversary. The Bogota plate was design by Councilman Rob Robbins who was assisted by Councilwoman Kathy Ferris. Also assisting with the fence weaving were teachers from Bixby School.
   During a snack break at the picnic shelter representatives from  Bees, Trees, and Water talked about which  bringing awareness to the importance  of providing  a healthy environment in local communities world wide. Danielle Fede from The Bogota Green Team, along with the Bogota Environmental Commission gave away tree saplings from the New Jersey Sandy relief fund to replace any tree damaged by theat hurricane. Ms. Fede also announced the winner of the 125th Heritage tree contest. This was awarded to Kay Malafis of Palisade Ave. 
   Then anyone who wished was incited to join and help finish the fence weaving. The fence weaving will stay up for the next year as part of the Bogota's 125 Anniversary.

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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports
 please contribute  at: donate to Bogota Blog NJ )   

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