Thursday, February 4, 2021

Parking Advisory

  On Thursday-4-February the Bogota Police Department has issued the following advisory.
It is required that all vehicles are to be moved out of the no parking areas by 9:00a on Friday-5-February. Failure to do so will have those in violation subject to ticketing and removal. These areas are the ones that you are allowed to park overnight and for snow emergency parking. The west side (Hackensack side) of Larch Avenue will be included in this.  NO OVERNIGHT PARKING UNLESS IN SPECIFIED AREAS LISTED You will be issued a summons and have your vehicle impounded.
The Borough is still continuing No OVERNIGHT PARKING due to the streets being narrow from snow accumulation. This is also still considered NO PARKING SNOW COVERED ROADWAYS, as sufficient space is not available for the normal flow of traffic due to snow banks. Please make sure you have your vehicles moved off the roadway.  
This is in order to allow proper snow removal and public safety.
 For more information please contact the Bogota Police Dept. at  201-487-2400  or visit their website at

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