Friday, February 5, 2021

Bogota Council


   On Thursday-4-February the Bogota Borough Council held their first meeting for the month of February.  To start the meeting Bogota Mayor Chris Kelemen talked about the passing of former Senior Bus Driver Patty Brown. He also asked if there could be a way to honour her service to the Borough. In Public comments one resident mention a new group called "Bogota Helping Hands" which has been assisting resident with the shoveling of snow after the pass Winter Storm.
  Then there was open discussion on future Borough projects. One was to have the Council authorize the Borough Administrator to open the bidding process for a new recycling centre.  Which was approved by unanous vote. The Administrator added that since the fire at Atlantic Coast Fibers the Borough has contract with other companies to accept the re-cycling from the Bogota Department of Public Works. Another discussion was about Fireman's Park located at W. Ft. Lee Rd and River Rd.  An original plan has been put on hold for the excessive cost of design bids.  Some of the bids recieve were well over what the Borough has budgeted for it. Council has agreed to re-study the park with looking for more grant funding and a possible scaling down the as design. 
  When the Council voted on the Consent Agenda. Those resolution were passed by unanous vote.  Items of note were to approve  the Linwood Ave paving project. And hiring of a new Webmaster, Mr. Ray Dwyer, to replace outgoing former webmaster Genesis Liu.  Then the Council voted on individual items.  This was so Council Members could get more information on each resolution. Some like the update variance application form just needed more clarification.  The new form is a streamline version of the existing one which is  easier for resident to use.  Another was to learn about a new Grant Writer for the Borough. Representatives from the company  "Millenium" attended the meeting to answer questions from Council.  Some of those question range from their pass experiences  and how many other municipalities in Bergen County they have worked for.  To how often the Council can be updated on their progress.  These and a few other were passed by a 6-0 vote.  Other individual item about the hiring of Government professional were also passed but by 5-1 or 4-2 votes. 
   In the Council Reports all members of Council spoke to complemented the members of the Bogota Department of Public Works for their effort during the passed snow storm. From starting to clear the street even as the snow was  still falling. To the very noticeable line of the streets that were covered in snow ended where Bogota begins. Mayor Kelemen also took the time to remind resident to apply for covid-19 vaccines as soon possible.  This can include contact local hospital along with the county and state websites.
The next regular meeting will be on Thursday-18-February and scheduled to start at 7:30p. Log-in information will be posted at a later date.
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