Saturday, February 20, 2021

Bogota Basketball


 On Friday-19-February  there was a double header of Bogota Varsity Basketball on the Jay Mahoney Court in Speary Gym.  The first game saw the Lady Bucs play the Lady Panthers from Midland Park.  The Visitors took the lead in the first quarter , which became a 20-10 advantage by half time. In the second half  the Lady Panther would add to their lead for a 43-23 win. 
   The Lady Bucs' record is now 4-3. Bogota's Kylie Cabana lead all scores with 13 Points. Maryann Gesmundo recorded the only Three point Baskets for the Lady Bucs. Midland Park was led by Julia Calderone with 12 Points.  Olivia Calderone  and Avery Kasbarian both had game highs with 2 Three Points Baskets each.
   The Lady Bucs are next secluded to play on Wednesday-24-February against Mew Milford. This will be played on the Jay Mahoney Court in Speary Gym. It is scheduled to have a 4:00p start. Only  a limited number home team Parents are allowed to attend either game in person. Both games will also be available on live stream at: Bogota BoE      

photo courtesy of Pat Rochford

  The Men's team would play the Palisades Park Tigers.  The Bucs would score twice as many first quarter points as their opponents, and have a 22-11 lead after eight minutes. The second quater  saw Bogota double their scoring and go into half time with a 45-25 point lead.  The restart saw Bogota to pull ahead event more to finish with a 73-38 win. The Bucs record is now 4-3.  Taj Collins had the high game with 27 Points including  2 Three point Baskets. Evan Meberg and Vincent Ducut also had 2 Three point Baskets for Bogota. The Tigers' Aziz Toumi score a team high 13 Points. Danny Diaz recorded a game high of 4  Three point Baskets.
   The Men's team will next play on Monday-22-February at Saddle River Day School. This is scheduled to start at  5:30p with the Junior Varsity game preceding at 4:00p.


                                                        photos courtesy of Pat Rochford

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