Saturday, September 18, 2021

Bogota Borough Council

  On Thursday-16-September the Bogota Borough Council held its meeting for the month of September. The original scheduled first meeting for the month was forced to be canceled due to the power outage caused by hurricane Ida.  At the beginning of the meeting, during citizens  comments the main focus was the proposed plan for a recycling centre to be built on Feller Pl near the Bogota Swim Club pool, also within a residential area.  The would replace the temporary recycling centre located on Cross St, and on the other side of the street from an  apartment complex.  It is also on private property which has recently been sold. The temporary  centre replaced the old recycling centre which was located on the Department of Public Works site on Leonia Ave, also in a residential area. The temporary centre was needed after the DPW site was damaged by hurricane Sandy and was built with funded by using FEMA hurricane relief funds.  One reason the Feller Pl site was planned was that it is one of the few publicly owned properties undeveloped in Bogota. In prior Council Meeting Bogota Mayor Chris Kelemen  announced that he and officials from Ridgefield Park has started discussions on allowing  recycling collect by the Bogota DPW to be transferred to the Ridgefield Park facility. The Borough was also under a time limit to approve this proposal because of grant funding obtained by the governing body would expire soon. 
  The resolution to approve the new recycling centre had been tabled a number of times to allow for more opportunity to study different options. When there was no clear consensus on the Council for this resolution a number action were considered. One was to have an up or down vote on the resolution. Another was to table the resolution to a future council meeting, which would only be until the end of 2021. Or to table the resolution indefinitely. It was finally decided to vote on the resolution. The amendment was rejected by a unanous vote.
  Next the Council were given two presentations: The first was given by Bogota Office of Emergency Management Mr. Robert Foster.  He gave an update on the damage done, in the Borough by hurricane Ida. Mr. Foster report stated that Bogota Emergency service received of 120 in a 24 hour period.  These included flooding in a Senior Apartment residents,  multiply suffer damage along Fairview Ave. And a mudslide causing Interstate 80 to become blocked. During the storm Bogota High School was used as an evacuation centre.  Along with the residents moved to the High School 25 motorist, who took shelter under the bridges spanning  I-80 also were evacuated to the High School. One resident of Fairview Ave had their home moved off the foundation and in unstable for further use. They , and other were then moved to local hotels for a few days. Mr. Foster also talked about the flood water had greatly damaged the south sidewalk under the railroad on River Rd. He and officials from the County and railroad company examined the bridge and discover  it is structurally sound for continued use. The sidewalk and retaining will need to be repaired.  Mr. Foster also explained that some of the damage was caused by the lack of proper drainage due to the sound barrier along I-80 and the water tunnel which runs under the Outwater Plastic warehouse.
   Next the Council heard from the Borough Engineer. He talked about the plans to be voted on that are part of the Consent Agenda. These include awarding contracts for the improvements of  Pine St, Larch Ave, and Preston St. 
   When Council voted on the Agenda items all resolution were passed. Only two items did not receive an unanimous vote. Items of note was to re-appoint the  Special Law Enforcement Offices-class 3 (SLEO-3) for the Public School. Along with the hiring of a fourth SLEO-3 for the Middle School. Also approved was the bond ordinance to purchase two new vehicles for the Bogota Volunteer Fire Department.  
    The next Bogota Borough Council meeting will  take place on Thursday-7-October.  This will be virtual meeting starting at 7:30p . The Public is invited to attend.
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There will be a special public hearing meeting on Tuesday-5-October about  proposing to change the purpose or use of approximately 2 acres of Olsen Park from outdoor and open parkland to a Bogota Recreation Center, Recreation Center Parking Lot, Outdoor Basketball Courts and Tennis Courts. The Recreation Center will include an indoor conservation classroom, park administrative offices, concession area and seating, locker rooms and restrooms, equipment storage areas and a gymnasium.  This will be a zoom meeting starting at 7:30p access information is:

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