Thursday, September 16, 2021

Bogota Soccer


    On Wednesday-15-September  Bogota Men's Soccer Bucs traveled to Palisades Park to play the Tigers. Palisades Park would score twice in the in the first half. The Bucs would cut the in half to make the score 2-1 at halftime. After the restart, the Tigers would score one more time to have a 3-1 at home.  Edwin Suquinagua would score for Bogota. The Tigers got goals from Josh Quiroa, Javier Hidalgo and Edwar Alonzo. Eddy Marte made 11 Saves with Palisades Park's Alejandro Barragan recording 4 Saves
The Bucs record is now 1-2. 
  Bogota next plays on Thursday-23-September against Midland Park with the kick off schedule for 4:00p. This will take place at home on Zakrzewski Field

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