Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Bogota Board of Education

 On Tuesday-31-August the Bogota Board of Education held their monthly meeting for August. Of the nine Trustees of the board, two were absent for personal reasons. Three attended virtually, and four were in person. Also in attendance was Superintendent Mr. Damian Kennedy and other district officials.
  In his opening report Superintendent Kennedy said that State guidelines everyone entering any building must wear a mask at all times. The only exception is when eating or drinking.
  Another point he made was that school breakfast and lunches will be free to all Students for the entire school year. Also the school buildings will open at 7:30a for breakfast. He added that information about the new aftercare program will be finalized soon. Parents need to register in order to be eligible for free after school, and early school care. 
 Later on in the meeting Superintendent Kennedy explained the reason for the Friday opening. He felt it was important to bring the Students back into the buildings as soon as possible. Based on the reactions of the Middle School orientation the Students want to see their friends and Teachers again. Superintendent Kennedy continued say that this situation has occurred in the past, but plan that further openings will be scheduled for after Labor Day.
When the Trustees voted on the agenda items all were passed by an unanimous vote. Items of note Bogota Athletic Director Mr. Brad DiRupo place on medical leave until. December-2021. Mr. Patrick Clark was approved to be the Athletic Director for the 2021-22 school year. Ms. Katherine Sura was named the Ladys Volleyball Bucs Head Coach for the 2021 season. They also accepted the resignation of: Ms. Gina Acosta, Preschool Master Teacher, Ms. LoriAnn DeSimone, English Teacher.  And the appointment of:  Ms. Rita McMann as an English Teacher,  Ms. Jeannie Rosado as a .5 Physical Education, Ms. Amanda Cruz as a Kindergarten Teacher, Mr.  Christopher Pelletier as a 6th Grade Teacher,  Ms. Miranda Inglese as the Assistant Marching Band Director. Other approves were installing new hot water heater for Bogota Jr./Sr. High School building, the roof repair and asphalt shingle roof replacement projects for Bogota Jr./Sr. High School and the roof repair, asphalt shingle roof replacement projects for Bogota Jr./Sr. High School, room renovation and door installation projects for Bogota Middle School.
  The next Board of Education meeting will be on Tuesday-14-September and is scheduled to start at 7:00p. It will be a hybrid meeting with in-person attendance and available online. The in person meeting will be held in the High Cafeteria located at 2 Henry Luthin pl Bogota, NJ All in person attendee will be required to wear mask at all time while in the building.
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