Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Graf Bridge repaving


 Starting on Monday-13-September  the Albert Graf Bridge connecting the East and West parts of Bogota will be fully closed during day time hours. Closure is scheduled for all day and all night. Due to the additional amount of repair work needed to be done the tentative completion date is Friday 24-SeptemberDue to unforeseen additional repairs and upcoming weather the final date of the reopen has not been officially posted as yet.This is to perform repaving of the road surfaces. There will be at least one pedestrian sidewalk open for use during the closure. This will vary based on the work being done. Residences should plan alternate route during this time. Due to the nature of work to be performed no parking will be permitted in the parking lots of 324 and 348 Leonia Ave. Those residence will be permitted to park on Leonia Avenue for the balance of the 


  During the closure, residents and local business from Palisade Ave to the bridge section will still be able to be accessed on E. Main St.
  On Monday the old asphalt road surface was completely removed. Starting on Tuesday, and continuing into Wednesday crews will be exposing parts of the reinforcement bars within the concrete sub level. The reinforcement bars, and other areas will be examined and repaired as needed. Also the expansion joints of the bridge will be exposed and refurbished as needed. When all repairs are made the openings will be refilled in concrete. After those areas have been cured, an environmental barrier layer will be added over the entire road surface. Once that layer has dried a new asphalt surface will be laid down and street marking added. 
    Alternate will be posted by the local Police Department.  Suggested routes are: Elm Ave or Larch Ave. or River Rd heading north to Cedar Ln in Teaneck. Another route is using Elm Ave or Larch Ave. or River Rd  south to the CSX underpass towards Ridgefield Park.  All day time parking on Elm Ave from W. Grove St. to Munn Ave has been suspended.
   New Jersey  Transit buses will follow the dispatcher routes during the day time hours. The detours for all buses that use the Albert Graf bridge are:
  Outbound from Hackensack: W. Main St & Elm Ave,  Left onto Elm AveRight onto Cedar Lane, Right onto Palisade Ave ,  Regular Route  at E. Main St.at Palisade Ave.
   Inbound to Hackensack: Right onto Palisade ave & E. Main St. ( for buses #182 & #751).   Continue on Palisade ave. ( for buses #83 & #155). Left onto Cedar Lane, Left onto Elm Ave.   Right onto W. Main Ave.  Regular Route at W.Main St and Larch Ave.  
 Buses that use the Graf bridge are the #83 to Jersey City, NJ, and Hackensack. The #155 to Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York, and Teaneck.  The #182 to the George Washington  Bridge Bus Terminal and Hackensack.  The #751 to Edgewater and Bergen Community College in Paramus. Both bus stops between Palisade Ave and the Graf bridge will not be until the bridge is reopened.     


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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports
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