Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Lady Scarlet Basketball

   On Monday-1-March the Varsity Basketball teams of Ridgefield Park played those from Dwight-Morrow. The Lady Scarlets hosted the Maroon Raiders on the Dr. John C Richardson Court. This was Senior Night for the Lady Scarlets. Before the game the three Ridgefield Park Seniors, Jade Martinez, Jasmine Martinez and Mia Martinez,  were introduced to those in attendance. 
   When the game started Ridgefield Park took an early lead.  Then Dwight-Morrow hit a Three Point Basket to move ahead. The lead would be traded back and forth until just under 3 minutes left in the first quarter. The Maroon Raiders  would grown their advantage to seven points as time was in the single digits. Ridgefield Park were awarded a series of three throws before time ended and the quarter would finish with Dwight-Morrow leading 15-11.
   The second quarter the Lady Scarlet took control of the game, and never let go. This eight minutes started with Ridgefield launching a barrage of three point shooting.  Nya Carroll hit first to get her team within one point. Jade Martinez  then connect another to give the Scarlets a  16-15 lead.  Soon after that Jasmine Martinez  added another score from beyond the arc quickly  putting the home team up by 4.  Ridgefield Park would not trail for the rest of the game. The Lady Scarlets defense would shut out their opponent in the second quarter and would take a 28-15 lead into halftime. the game would end with a 63-19 Ridgefield Park win. the Lady Scarlets record is now 3-4. Jade Martinez would be the high scorer with 21 Points, including 4 Three Points Baskets for Ridgefield Park.  Dwight-Morrow would be led by Shania DeFreese with 13 points including  1 Three Points Baskets.  Blase Blakie and Blessing Collier also had Three Points Baskets. 
   The Lady Scarlets will next play against Bogota on Thursday-4-March. This will take place on the Dr. John C Richardson Court with a 4:15p start. Only  a limited number home team Parents are allowed to attend games in person  This will be lived streamed at  Ridgefield Park Athletics 

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