Friday, March 19, 2021

Small Business Workshop


   On Wednesday-21-April the Bogota Public Library will host a Marking Training event for small business.  This will be presented by Ms. Jessica Maarek of Red Root Marketing.  Some of the topics to be included are: How optimize a  business' social media platforms, in order to have a clear and cohesive branding presentation.  Ms Maarek will also discuss on ways to create compelling content. This will allow potential customers to learn about what services, or goods, a small business has to offer. She will also explain ways to introduce your business to your local  community, and then expand your online present to increase customer base. 
   This will be a virtual workshop starting at 9:00a and run for about one hour. Anyone interested in participation must register at: 
in order to recieve log-in information. 
  This event is being presented  in cooperation with the Bogota Public Library,  the Bogota Creative Arts Team, and the Hackensack Regional Chamber of Commerce.  There is a limit of only 50 spots available on the zoom presentation. 
  For more information on these and other program continuing at the Bogota Public Library please go to:
Or visit their website at:

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