Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Ridgefield Park Basketball

   On Monday-1-March the Ridgefield Park Basketball Scarlets travel to Dwight- Morrow to play the Maroon Raiders. This was the second meeting between these two in three days teams.  Dwight- Morrow left  Ridgefield Park with a 56-52 on Saturday. A second straight win would give the Maroon Raiders the American Division title based on percent of game won.
   The game began with a series of ties at 2-2 and again at 4-4. The Scarlets briefly held a one point lead, then Dwight- Morrow scored 6 of the next eight points and had a 12-9 lead at the end of the first eight minutes.  The second quarter saw six ties, or lead changes, but the Maroon Raiders only had a two point advantage at 19-17 by half-time.  After the restart the two teams continued to trade baskets. The game was played mostly within the key  with little long range scoring taking place. As the fourth quarter began the home team created the biggest lead to that point 43-38. With about a 1:15 left in the fourth Dwight- Morrow would reach the half century mark plus 1. With 33 seconds on the clock the Scarlets got one, of the few, Three Point Baskets in the game and pulled with in one point.  13 seconds later  Ridgefield Park took their first lead of the second half at 52-51.  Under ten seconds  The Maroon Raiders drew a foul but could only convert one of two and the game was tied again at 52.  The visitors  took one more shot at the 3 second mark, only to have it batted away in safety. Regulation ended showing the score at 52-52.  In the over time Dwight- Morrow score five straight point  and led 57-52. Ridgefield Park again came back, but trail by three points with half a minute left in the extra session.  The Scarlets would now force a second overtime by tying the score at 61.  In the second overtime Ridgefield Park would score first one minute into the frame. They had a 63-61 lead, and used a wide offensive formation for ball control, and to run down the clock. The Maroon Raiders would force, yet another tie at 63 all.  Just over a minute left in this overtime the Scarlets would open a three  point lead 66-63.  They would then make use of their foul shooting to extend the lead and win the game, after double  overtime, 73-65.  Ridgefield Park’s record is now 9-4  and  have a .833 winning percentage in the American Division. 
   The Scarlets’ Romel Camilo led all scores with 24 Points. Dwight-Morrow’s Branden Moore had a team high with 14 Points. Of the 138 point made in the game, only 18 came from beyond the arc. For Ridgefield Park; Ralph Marinas, Jenci Reyes, and Jose Muniz had Three Point Baskets. The Maroon Raiders’;  Bertin Placide, Brandon Moore, and Michael Byfield recorded three pointers each.
   Ridgefield Park is next scheduled to play on Wednesday-3-March at Garfield. This is scheduled start at 4:00p.  Only  a limited number home team Parents are allowed to attend games in person. 

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