Monday, March 22, 2021

This Weeks Sports


   Schedule of Bogota High School Sports, for the week starting on Monday-22-March. Times and dates may change due weather or other circumstances. Please contact the event for the most up to date information.  More events will be added when they become available.
Due to the current health situation only Family members of the Home School will be allowed to attend in person. Speary Gym in Bogota will have limited seating for 2 Family members per Student, Or 35% capacity. Ridgefield Park will have limited seating of 2 Parents per Student.
 Bogota and Ridgefield Park compete as a co-operative Wresting program using the name Scarlet/Bucs most home meets will be held in Speary Gym in Bogota. Any meets to be held in Ridgefield  Park will be announced when confirmed. 
For Live stream Coverage of select games can be found at:
For Bogota at Bogota BoE  
For Ridgefield Park at Ridgefield Park Athletics

Ridgefield Park
Volleyball-                                at Cliffside Park 4:00p. Junior Varsity Match to follow
Cheering-                                    vs Ft. Lee and Hackensack 7:00p via Zoom

Middle School Volleyball-   vs Cliffside Park 4:00p in Speary Gym  in Steen School

Scarlet/ Bucs Wrestling -     at Garfield 5:00p 

Ridgefield Park
Volleyball-                                vs Dumont 4:00p. Junior Varsity Match to follow 

Ridgefield Park
Track-                                       at Dumont 3:00p

Scarlet/ Bucs Wrestling -     vs Rutherford 6:00p  at Speary Gym

Ridgefield Park
Volleyball-                                vs Mahwah 4:00p. Junior Varsity Match to follow 

Ridgefield Park
Volleyball-                                 vs Bergenfield 11:00a. Junior Varsity Match to follow 



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