Thursday, March 25, 2021

Scarlet/Bucs Wrestling


  On Wednesday-24-March the Bogota -Ridgefield Park Scarlet/Bucs Wrestling team traveled to Garfield to take on the Boilermakers. Of the 14 bouts scheduled 6 took place. Bogota -Ridgefield Park would get a 48-29 win.  The Scarlet/Bucs would win 1 boutJaden Rodriguez at 126 lbs would score a PinfallsScarlet/Bucs' record is now 3-1 
  They next compete on Friday-26-March when they take on Rutherford at Speary Gym. The first bout is scheduled to start at 6:00p  Due to the current health situation only Family members of the Home School will be allowed to attend in person. Speary Gym in Bogota will have limited seating for 2 Family members per Student, Or 35% capacity. 
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